Endowed Scholarships

Endowments leave a legacy at Polk State College that will help students attain their dream of a college education in perpetuity. The principle of the endowment is wisely managed, while a portion of the return of investment – based upon the Foundation’s current spending policy — is utilized for scholarships, programs, technology and equipment. Endowments start at $25,000 and can be made payable over time. For more information on Annual Giving and Endowments, please contact the Foundation, at 863.297.1071


The Polk State College Foundation accepts applications for Foundation scholarships February 1 – February 28 of each year. Applications will be reviewed and rated by an independent committee and notices will be e-mailed to all applicants no later than June 15 of the current year. Award certificates will be available for high school graduation ceremonies in May of the current year.

Polk State College Foundation scholarships will be available for use beginning in the Fall term of the current year, and subsequent terms until the scholarship is fully expended, expires or terminates pursuant to donor requirements. Beginning February 1, students interested in applying for an endowed scholarship may do so via the link below. Applications are submitted online and can be completed between February 1 and February 28 of the current year.

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