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Annual Costs


$112.22/credit hour - 30 credit hours per year


Approx. $160.00 per course - 10 classes per year

TOTAL Tuition and Books

TOTAL Tuition, Books, and Living Expenses



The Following Information is based upon the Polk State College Foundation’s current 3% spending policy:
Partial Scholarship Endowment
($16,6678 * .03 = $500 return)  
Tuition Endowment
($112,255 * .03 = $3,367 return)
Tuition and Books Endowment
($165,567* .03 = $4,967 return) 

Tuition, Books, and Living Expenses
($719,400 * .03 = $21,582 return)

Assuming that the endowment yields something greater than 3%,the excess is added to, and builds, the endowment. For example, a 6% yield will fund scholarships at 3% and increase the endowment by 3%. If our investments are good, the endowment will grow to cover future tuition increases and inflation; thus, there should be no further need to add to the endowment in the future.

Please click here  for details (please note that these scholarships apply only to junior and senior year.)

Please click here.

Every day, talented and deserving students take a first step toward a new life by entering Polk State College. Many of these students could not pursue their dreams without the help of people like you. Donations are utilized through:


  • Recruiting and retaining outstanding faculty through our Endowed Teaching Chair program
  • Capital projects focused on strengthening Polk State College’s facilities and infrastructure
  • Programmatic initiatives designed to support academic and student initiatives
  • Technology to enhance the classroom experience
  • New program initiatives that help Polk State College attain its world class vision

There are various options for giving to the Foundation.

  • Gifts of Cash or Check – This is the simplest way to give.  Checks should be made be payable to the Polk State College Foundation and will be placed in a fund as directed by the donor.  Visa, MasterCard and Discover are also accepted.
  • Pledges – Significant gifts to the Polk State College Foundation can be pledged over a specified time period, preferably up to five years.  Arrangements are made in accordance with the convenience of the donor.
  • Gifts of Securities – If you contribute long-term appreciated securities to the Polk State College Foundation, you get a two-fold income tax benefit – you can deduct the present fair market value, and owe no tax on the appreciation in value.  If you wish to donate securities in which you have a loss, consider selling them instead and then donating the proceeds to us.  That way, you will have a loss deduction to offset any gains on sales, plus you will still get your charitable deduction.
  • Planned Gifts – Planned gifts provide you with a way to help yourself, your family and Polk State College.  We understand that your own financial needs and those of your family come first.  Planned giving options provide the opportunity for everyone to benefit.  Your needs are provided for now, and the needs of Polk State College are provided for later.  With your legal, financial and tax advisors, we can help you create a plan that suits your personal circumstances.
  • Life Insurance – If you now own an existing life insurance policy that no longer serves a purpose, you can assign ownership to the Polk State College Foundation, which may entitle you to income tax deductions. You can also name the Foundation as beneficiary on a current policy or when purchasing a new policy.
  • Property – If you own property that is not subject to a mortgage and has appreciated in value, giving the property to the Polk State College Foundation may be an attractive option. You can claim an income tax deduction based upon the fair market value of the property, avoid all capital gains taxes, and remove that asset from your taxable estate.
  • Bequests – Giving through your will or living trust is a way of providing a charitable gift to the Polk State College Foundation. It can include giving a percentage of your estate, giving a fixed amount, or giving whatever property is remaining after all other bequests are distributed.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities – A Charitable Annuity is a gift of money, stocks, or bonds that is given to the Polk State College Foundation. The Foundation will pay you or a beneficiary a fixed amount on a regular basis until death. A part of this income is tax-free and you also receive a charitable deduction for part of the gift.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts – These are life income gifts. You transfer assets now to the Polk State College Foundation and establish a trust. You receive a charitable deduction and you or a beneficiary receives a lifetime income. Eventually the remaining assets of the trust pass on to the Polk State College Foundation, Inc. This plan can increase your current income and provide significant tax savings as well.

The Polk State College Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 organization and capable of receiving matching funds.  Please confer with your employer about their matching gift policy and contact the Foundation Office for any required documentation.  Please contact us at 863-297-1071 for more information.

Yes. You are welcome to give in a person’s name to pay tribute to them. A special letter will be sent to the person or their family informing them of your gift.

Yes. The Polk State College Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the Polk State College Foundation are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Gifts to the Foundation are recognized in a variety of ways according to giving level. Examples include: donor listing in Foundation publications and on the web site, and invitations to College and Foundation events. Significant contributions are eligible to receive permanent recognition at a Polk State Campus or Center.  Donors may also request any donation to be listed as anonymous.

Please click here to make an easy online gift to the Foundation.

Your positive consideration of a gift to the Polk State College Foundation is greatly appreciated.  To craft a donation that meets your passion and commitment to higher education, as well as the priorities of Polk State College please contact:

Polk State College Foundation
999 Avenue H. Northeast
Winter Haven, FL 33881

(863) 297.1071

Please contact Morgan Jacobson at mjacobson@polk.edu or by using the “Contact Us” page on the website.

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